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  • Breaking: Huge Explosion Rocks Foxconn’s iPad 2 Manufacturing Facility [Updated]

Breaking: Huge Explosion Rocks Foxconn’s iPad 2 Manufacturing Facility [Updated]

Breaking: Huge Explosion Rocks Foxconn’s iPad 2 Manufacturing Facility [Updated]

Numerous sites are reporting tragedy as news of an explusion at Foxconn’s Chengdu manufacturing facility, a main producer of the iPad 2, surfaced a few hours ago. At least two are confirmed dead, and at least 16 confirmed injuries, with three of them being critical.

It’s looking increasingly likely that the explosion, which is said to have occurred during a shift change, may have occurred on the iPad 2 production line, believed to be housed in building A5, where the walls are reported to have been shattered, and all personnel have been evacuated due to risk of building collapse.

While there aren’t many details to report yet, there are already at least 3 confirmed deaths from the incident, and so far at least 16 confirmed injuries, with three of those being reported as critical.

You can see videos from the scene of the accident over at MicGadget, and we have embedded a video below for your reference.

From CultofMac:

…the explosion appears to be serious, as there are currently more than ten fire engines on the scene, along with an equal number of police cars and quite a few ambulances…The explosion occurred inside an operating room within the facility, and apparently resulted in many materials being hurled violently from the building.

The explosion allegedly happened in the A5 building, which is allegedly part of the iPad 2 production line…It appears there are expectations that that building — part of a larger facility — might collapse as a result of the explosion. A local Chinese news paper is reporting that the walls of the facility have been shattered.

Emergency personnel are warning about the possibility of a second explosion, and are asking people to stay back from all of the buildings.

More than one hundred workers are employed in that part of this particular facility, and its unclear how many of them are affected by the aftermath of the explosions. This is a breaking story, and details will continue to emerge, such as how it will affect various production lines. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information.

Our thoughts are with the victims, and their families and co-workers, and we eagerly await additional news regarding this terrible disaster.

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Update 5/23/2011

We have seen reports the the explosion has claimed a third life, as a critically injured employee passed away in the hospital as a result of injuries sustained in the incident.

Today some more details have emerged over the explosion and subsequent fire that occurred at a Foxconn manufacturing plant in the city of Chengdu, China. The sad news is that a third life has since been lost and 9 people (of the 15 that were injured in the incident) remain in hospital as a result of various injuries.

Thanks to MacStories for this update.