iPhone 5 Coming On September 7 With iOS 5?

iPhone 5 Coming On September 7 With iOS 5?

We’ve all been waiting for the iPhone 5, which didn’t get released at WWDC, as some suspected it might. A new rumor points to a September 7th release date for the new handset, which will be loaded up and ready to go with iOS 5.

MacTrast In-House Mock-Up Of Possible iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 Design

Interestingly, the rumor also speculates that the delayed release of the white iPhone 4 was a strategic move by Apple to fill the sales gap caused by a delay in the release of the iPhone 5, rather than being an issue with manufacturing – a matter that is still somewhat controversial.

I, for one, would not be surprised to see a September release – but any time in the fall seems just as likely to me. Until a more credible report surfaces, I’ll not be crossing my fingers.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

  1. what will the price be ? 

  2. Frankly, I don’t care when it comes, just as long as its relatively soon. I’ve been due for my phone upgrade since March 23, and I don’t know how much long I can wait to get my first iPhone!

  3. Chitra Sivasankar says:

    Apple just wont stop doing it, it would be real hard on many of the loyal customers. I am a big fan of it. I am gonna wait for the new one. 

  4. brm98 says:

    Here’s hoping it’s available with Sprint!

  5. Qhrahvjk says:

    Blah asap im still 3gs skipping four for the 5

  6. guest1111 says:

    Mactrast information is great, but the people and response team are jerks, idky

    1. Why do you say that?

  7. Teaghan says:

    Will it be 4G compatible? Surely it needs to be, to contend with the new Nexus.

  8. matt sughrue says:

    Official: I am the VP of iphone product development. I am here to tell you the date will be september 7. that is also the date when we will introduce the new iPod touch. it is this date because we always do the wednesday after labor day weekend.

    1. Steve Jobs says:

      dude you are full of shit. go fuck yourself. 

  9. I kneww there had too be a new iphone coming out with IOS 5

  10. Pure Gross says:

    Ok it’s September 7th now where is my iOS 5???

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