iPhone 5 Coming On September 7 With iOS 5?

iPhone 5 Coming On September 7 With iOS 5?

We’ve all been waiting for the iPhone 5, which didn’t get released at WWDC, as some suspected it might. A new rumor points to a September 7th release date for the new handset, which will be loaded up and ready to go with iOS 5.

MacTrast In-House Mock-Up Of Possible iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 Design

Interestingly, the rumor also speculates that the delayed release of the white iPhone 4 was a strategic move by Apple to fill the sales gap caused by a delay in the release of the iPhone 5, rather than being an issue with manufacturing – a matter that is still somewhat controversial.

I, for one, would not be surprised to see a September release – but any time in the fall seems just as likely to me. Until a more credible report surfaces, I’ll not be crossing my fingers.

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