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Competitors Struggle To Match MacBook Air’s Pricing

Competitors Struggle To Match MacBook Air’s Pricing

With the MacBook Air being such a popular notebook (having shipped 500,000 2011 MacBook Airs a single day after their release), it’s no wonder that companies like Intel (with their Ultrabook form factor) are trying to catch up. According to a new report, however, the MacBook Air is just too big a value for competitors to match!

The first Ultrabook model demoed was an ASUS UX21, which closely resembles the MacBook Air in both dimension and form. Unfortunately for Intel (and ASUS), a new DigiTimes report is suggesting that, unless Intel significantly drops the prices on their processors, it simply won’t be possible to make an UltraBook cheaper than a comparable MacBook Air.

Intel’s push towards thinner and lighter notebooks is both a push towards power savings and an attempt to one-up Apple in the notebook business, and while it succeeds at lowering power consumption, it very much looks like Intel’s chances of beating the incredible value of Apple’s MacBook Air are slim to none.


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