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Onlive To Bring PC And Console Gaming To The iPad

Onlive To Bring PC And Console Gaming To The iPad

OnLive is a new company built up around the idea of cloud gaming. Their service, currently available for PC’s and the Mac, lets you play high-end PC and console games without worrying about the system specs – and it’s soon to come to an iPad near you!

OnLive’s system works by hosting the game on a remote server and streaming the video to you, while relaying controls to the server in real-time. The service requires you to log in with a small client, and, as long as you have a strong, fast, stable internet connection, you’re all set up – it even works on netbooks and older computers.

The great news is that OnLive has announced that the official app for iPad and Android tablets will be available this Fall in both the United States and Europe. They’ve teased with this promise before, but now it appears that the final version of the app, which has been completely rewritten, is finally nearing completion.

The new app will take advantage of everything that OnLive offers on a Mac or PC, including voice chat and multiplayer. But perhaps more importantly, they’ve also figured out how to adapt the experience to a touchscreen, so games that would traditionally require a keyboard and mouse (or gamepad) can now be played with just your fingers on the iPad.

This is just one more testament to the massive elephant in the room: the cloud. It’s everywhere, and it’s doing more for us every single day – the only question left to ask is “what’s next?” Check out the video below to see the whole thing in action.