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Say Goodbye To The White Macbook :(

Say Goodbye To The White Macbook :(

A few weeks ago Apple dropped the white Macbook from their laptop range. The polycarbonate Macbook was first introduced in May 2006 and had its last update in May 2010. The Macbook was available in both white and black (black was dropped in late 2008) and remained the entry level Macbook up until the refresh of the 11″ Macbook Air – making the Air the only Macbook priced at under $1,000.

My first ever Apple purchase was the entry level Macbook 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo, 512MB RAM, and had a 60GB HD. You will be missed.

Below is a gallery of Macbooks sent in by our readers.

Thanks to  Craig Caruso , Wisnu Wardono, Jelani Anderson, Konstantinos Poulios, Nick Peterson, Chris Donaghue, and Jeffery Roshan for sending in the above images.


  1. Christopher Cobble says:

    Is it bad that my first Mac was the 2.0GHz Core Duo MacBook with 1GB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive, now with 2GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive…and it’s still my only Mac? Lion might be my excuse for a hardware upgrade…

  2. Reellis39 says:

    Would u be willing to send me one, I don’t have a laptop and could use one to write for mactrast! Thanks faunia33 on Twitter!

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