iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Hit With Delays, Server Overloads

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Hit With Delays, Server Overloads

Pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone 4S opened early this morning, but not without a few snags – instead of beginning at 12:01 AM PT as planned, official pre-orders through Apple’s online store didn’t begin until 12:45 AM, and many were unable to pre-order for several hours due to difficulties with carrier overload and Apple’s pre-order system.

AT&T had the most difficulty pulling themselves together, keeping many anxious and frustrated awake for hours. AT&T pre-orders on their own site didn’t begin until around 1:15 AM PT, and even when they began, pre-orders still didn’t work right for most people.

Verizon and Sprint also encountered some hiccups and delays, but not to anywhere close to the same extend that AT&T’s systems experienced. The AT&T issues also affected Apple’s own pre-order system, until Apple finally suspended pre-orders altogether at the US online store until issues were resolved, with many customers being told that their iPhone had been “reserved,” and they’d receive and email later about when they could complete their order.

While most pre-orders are now working fine through the Apple Online Store, some customers are continuing to experience issues even now (as of the time of this writing, about 9:30 AM PT).

Those that encountered difficulties and received a “reservation” will be able to click a link in the email sent out to them, and will be able to order their iPhone 4S until 5 PM PT on Saturday, and will be given preference over those who ordered later if stock issues arise.

You’d think it’d be easier to hand a huge chuck of cash over to a company. Pre-order and launch delays have become a common occurrence, occurring year after year. You’d think at some point Apple and their carrier partners would wise up and prepare a little better for these things…