iPad 3 Assembly Set to Begin in January

iPad 3 Assembly Set to Begin in January

Following yesterday’s report that Apple has begun reducing orders for iPad 2 displays, a new Digitimes report expands on that information, claiming that three million iPad 3 displays will be delivered into Apple’s manufacturing chain by the end of the month.

The displays reportedly come from three manufacturers: Samsung, LG Display, and Sharp, who have reportedly shipped a total of one million units each of high-resolution panels for the upcoming tablet, and are ramping up shipments to two million units this month.

The touch module is reportedly comparable to the one used in the iPad 2, and will begin shipping soon, with Foxconn, Apple’s iPad manufacturer, planning to begin wide-scale production in January for an expected March or April launch.

Noting DigiTimes’ use of the term “high resolution,” it’s anticipated the the displays in question will be Retina displays, marking a significant first for the popular tablet.

Rumors up to this point suggest that Apple’s next-gen iPad will launch in early 2012, likely in March.