Millennial: Apple and iPhone Remain Top Dogs in Mobile Market

Millennial: Apple and iPhone Remain Top Dogs in Mobile Market

Millennial has just released their latest Mobile Mix Report, revealing some interesting observations about both the iOS and Android platforms.

Among the most interesting findings are that the iPhone is still the top smartphone among ad hits, and Apple as has actually gained share to reach 23.5 percent.

The report also shows that Apple is still the leading manufacturer of mobile devices, and that the iPhone is by far the most popular mobile phone, leading the pack with 12.53 percent of mobile ad impressions. Apple as a whole is responsible for 23.5 percent of all ad impressions generated on mobile devices.

Also interesting is that Android is no longer gaining in ad share, with both Android and iOS holding steady at 58% and 28%, respectively.

The figures reflect data from the month of October, suggesting that, while Apple may have curbed Android’s growth with the iPhone 4S launch, they also may continue to rise, as demand remains strong for the handset.


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