Apple Begins New Hiring Drive in Israel

Apple Begins New Hiring Drive in Israel

Apple has announced on its website that it is looking for a “Technical Recruiter” for Israel. The recruiter will be responsible for engaging world-class candidates for Apple in Israel.

From Al Monitor:

The job includes, among other things, locating, screening and interviewing candidates, as well as working closely with local [research and development]  and human resources personnel]. The recruiter would also be required to maintain continuous contact with Apple’s hardware engineering recruiting team in the US to ensure that local activities are consistent with the company’s global standards.

Skill requirements include first-class academic background and recruiting experience within a hardware and software engineering environment, as well as experience recruiting in volatile work environments and managing hiring for 20-plus vacancies. The applicant also must demonstrate experience working in a multinational environment and excellent leadership skills, as well as a passion for detail and a natural ability to look at the “big picture.” And if you wonder about the location, although London appears at the top of the announcement, there are indications that the job will be carried out in Israel.

This is the first time Apple is openly seeking personnel in Israel. Last month, it was reported that the company planned to set up a research and development center in Haifa. Two months ago Apple acquired the Israeli start-up Anobit, developer of a unique chip technology designed to improve flash-memory storage in mobile digital devices, Tablets and Smartphones.

It’s been rumored that Apple has already started reviewing resumes, and is even locally hiring hardware engineers specializing in chip development and hardware tests.