British Man Flips Out on iPhone Thief

British Man Flips Out on iPhone Thief

Matt Parker isn’t your ordinary everyday Englishman. After witnessing a train passenger steal an unattended iPhone, he decided to confront the man, and videotape himself yelling at the thief in an attempt to get him to put the iPhone back where he found it.

Unfortunately, despite Parker’s scolding, the thief did get away from the stolen phone, but Matt Parker did get some decent footage of the man’s face, and a decent recording of his voice. Hopefully this will be enough for police to find him and retrieve the stolen device.

You certainly wouldn’t see this kind of a confrontation in the U.S. – at least not without one of the two men getting physical about the manner! This must be the most polite confrontation of a thief I have ever seen. Credit to Gizmodo for pointing this out.



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