iPhone Stops a Speeding Bullet, Saves Owner’s Life

iPhone Stops a Speeding Bullet, Saves Owner’s Life

A 49-year-old Dutch man is looking at his iPhone in a whole new light after the device stopped a bullet that likely would have killed him. TUAW reports (via AppAdvice) on a Dutch news brief in De Telegraaf, in which police credit the iPhone for saving the man’s life.

The victim was in his van when several unknown individuals approached and opened fire. Five bullets were fired, one of which hit the man’s chest. Fortunately, the man’s iPhone was in his shirt pocket. The bullet shattered the iPhone’s glass, but prevented the wound from causing any major injury to the man. The other 4 bullets missed the man entirely.

“I had not one, but six angels on my shoulder” stated the victim, as translated through Google, ”The bullet went straight through my phone back and then only lightly in my chest.”

The victim asked to remain anonymous, but said “My iPhone saved me,” and stated that he has placed the bullet-damaged iPhone in a place of honor in his home to remind him of the fragile nature of life.


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