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Jaja – The World’s First Pressure-Sensitive Stylus for the iPad

Jaja – The World’s First Pressure-Sensitive Stylus for the iPad

Steve Jobs may not have appreciated the stylus, but many folks still find them useful – artists, students (note taking), and designers, just to name a few. While styluses may be cumbersome for actually navigating your device, they still have their place.

Up until now, one of the biggest flaws of iPad styluses for designers and creative workers has been their lack of pressure sensitivity, but a cool new stylus called Jaja changes everything. The Jaja (pointed out by TechCrunch) uses high frequency sounds to achieve pressure sensitivity – an innovative solution that doesn’t require Bluetooth or WiFi.

High Frequency sound commands can be used where Bluetooth and wifi radios must be switched off; such as Airplane mode, hospitals and sections fo the mining industry. Battery life is vastly superior and there is no messing around with settings and synching – it just works.

While it’s not technically the first pressure sensitive stylus available, it’s probably the most innovative, and likely the first in its price range ($55).

The Jaja features a whopping 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, features precise pressure control, and features two buttons that can be mapped to features like erasing, color changing, or brush strokes. And you can use it on an airplane, as it doesn’t use any potentially interference-causing wireless signals!

The Jaja has already reached it’s funding goals – it will definitely be made. And you can have one of your very own with a $55 pledge on Kickstarter! For more information, or to snag a Jaja of your own, head on over to the project’s Kickstarter page.

  1. Dl Betty says:

    I saw that but I just do not like the disk on it, surprisingly I can write beautiful handwriting using my Nomad paint brush it’s amazing how thin and neat the letters are and the writing you can do, as well as paint!

  2. Meow says:

    Would this be compatible with all iPad apps, or just a few? Or none?

    1. The app has to specifically support it.

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