Supposed ‘iPhone 5’ Home Button Leaks Online

Supposed ‘iPhone 5’ Home Button Leaks Online

Not only has the home button of the next iPhone appeared online, it is also available to buy in both black and white colors, Apple Bitch reports. Purchasable through Chinese supplier site, it is listed under the iPhone 5 replacement parts section of the site. While it is not a radically different design to its predecessor, it does appear to be a rounded square instead of circular shape, however it is unclear if this difference will be visible to users.

This button design certainly seems to end rumors of a capacitative button, which has been rumored over the past few months. You can also get hold of one via True Supplier, who are also selling them in black or white. It’s important to note, however, that supposed iPhone parts often show up, and only a fraction of them are eventually found to be authentic.


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