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Apple/Samsung CEO “Sitdown” Fails, Lawsuit Heads to Trial

Apple/Samsung CEO “Sitdown” Fails, Lawsuit Heads to Trial

Two days of settlement talks between the chief executive officers of Apple and Samsung have failed to lead to an agreement that would end their continuing legal battles over their patent infringement lawsuits.


The California trial between Samsung and Apple is now headed for a scheduled start in late June, after the companies could find “no clear agreement,” a Samsung official told The Korea Times. Both companies reportedly held firm in their respective beliefs, as Samsung believes Apple should pay royalties for using wireless transmission technology, while Apple believes Samsung copied the design of its iPhone and iPad.

The lack of any resolution has not been surprising to onlookers, since the talks involving Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung were court-ordered. The two took part in the discussions Monday and Tuesday of this week in San Francisco, CA.

Experts say there has not been much incentive for Apple to settle its patent infringement suit with Samsung, as the iPhone maker has yet to have lost a claim they’ve lodged against Samsung. Apple has won a handful of victories, obtaining infringements barring the sale of Samsung products around the world.

Apple is hoping for another legal victory with a new injunction filed last week in the U.S. against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The injunction would not likely be a major financial blow against Samsung, but it would be a publicity win for Apple. The iPhone and iPad maker has long asserted that Samsung has illegally copied the look and feel of it’s popular iOS line of devices.