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Samsung Rips off Siri With Galaxy S III ‘S Voice’ Feature (Video)

Samsung Rips off Siri With Galaxy S III ‘S Voice’ Feature (Video)

Earlier today Samsung unveiled their latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III, with a massive 4.8-inch screen  and the same cheap plastic housing that Samsung has come to be known for. More interesting, however, are several new iOS-like features that Samsung added to the handset.

The new features include “Scan and Match for Music” (clearly designed to mimic iTunes Match), and an AirPlay-like AllShare Cast feature, but the most obvious knock-off is Samsung’s new “S Voice” feature, which not only behaves a lot like Apple’s own Siri – it even looks similar!

Samsung’s “innovative” new feature mimics the language of Siri, allowing users to ask questions in natural, every day language, and, as you can see in the above image (via CultofMac), delivers results in a very Siri-like way. Hell, “S Voice” even starts with the same first letter as Siri!

Redmond Pie points out the following two YouTube videos. The first shows Siri, while the second shows Samsung’s “S Voice” feature.

Now, a hands-on with S Voice on the Galaxy S III put together by AndroidCentral:

I guess Samsung isn’t satisfied with the huge number of times they’ve already “borrowed” Apple’s designs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – I could go on…). What’s one more lawsuit, right?


  1. Joe K says:

    Nasty Just plain Nasty, this copying issues has to stop

  2. Demonstr8r says:

    Yet another mere coincidence.

  3. JG says:

    Absolutely hilarious.  If folks can’t see just how gaspingly desperate Samsung is becoming then they are absolutely blind.  Keep it coming Samsung I’m sure Apple has enough money to pay for a couple new lawyers.

  4. Pato says:

    Let’s boicot this company. They have to invent something instead of copying everything, their phones and tablets from apple, their TVs with Kinect like features, and I can go on.
    This is unbelievable, how can they do this and feel right.

  5. Igor says:

    Good article, a bit tendencious but that’s not the point.

    Guys stop crying over who’s copying who, thats the technology industry, if you don’t have at least the same technology as the other companies do, then you’re out.

    Apple has copied others as much as the others have copied apple, so let’s just stop whining and playing dumb about it.

    We’re not an army taking sides in a war, we’re consummers; people who benefits from the companies rivalery.

  6. Drknow says:

    But it passed the woodchuck test, sic

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