Google Chrome Browser Coming to iOS

Google Chrome Browser Coming to iOS

There have been a lot of third-party web browsers released for iOS, but Google this morning at their Google I/O conference just announced the most anticipated Mobile Safari alternative to date: Google Chrome for iOS, set to hit the App Store later today (via The Verge)!

The app will include many of the features of its desktop counterpart, including its tabbed browsing system, Chrome sync, and incognito mode. Unfortunately, however, due to Apple’s restrictions., it will have to rely on Safari’s rendering engine rather than its own lightning-fast Java engine.

The ability to access all tabs open across multiple devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, or even Linux – will be a very welcome feature, and may be enough to convince me to switch from Mobile Safari! Now, if only Apple would allow users to set their own default browser, we’d be all set!

Update: Go0ogle Chrome for iOS is now available for free from the App Store (link),


  1. Sirvick says:

    Sorry but, I won’t spoil the awesome experience of using iOS by using any google product. 

    It’s Like buying a Lamborghini and stick Ferrari accessories inside… They are not bad, not at all, but it just doesn’t have the style. 

    1. Andrew says:

      ….except the map on the iPhone is Google made

  2. JG says:

    I’ll probably give it a try.  But honestly I’ve never seen the need to mess with a different browser when Safari is fast enough and feature rich enough.  I may be missing something but not from what I’ve read thus far.

  3. Alex Bass says:

    “This item is not available” :'(

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