iPad Mini Appears in Developer Code Logs

iPad Mini Appears in Developer Code Logs

As Apple’s rumored iPad Mini gets closer to its expected October announcement, Instapaper developer Marco Arment just found a bit more evidence that Apple is already testing the device – it appeared in his code logs!

MacRumors reports:

The new identifiers found were “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6”. As Arment notes, the iPad2,1 through iPad 2,3 designations are known to represent the iPad 2’s WiFi, GSM and CDMA models. The iPad2,4 represents a die-shrunk/cheaper version of the iPad 2 that was released alongside the 3rd generation iPad. Finally, the 3rd Generation iPad carries a designation of iPad3,x.

As for “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6”, they have not been seen before, but Arment concludes they are likely to be the long rumored ‘iPad mini’ which is based on iPad 2 hardware.

Neither reference has been spotted before, and it’s extremely likely that the models reference Apple’s smaller iPad. Aside from the iPad Mini references, Arment also found some references to the next-gen iPhone – but considering the mountain of evidence already available for the new iPhone, that’s hardly a surprise.

The iPad Mini is coming. Are you ready?