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Supposed ‘iPhone 5’ Nano-SIM Tray Appears in Leaked Photos

Supposed ‘iPhone 5’ Nano-SIM Tray Appears in Leaked Photos

Following the approval of Apple’s nano-SIM standard earlier this year, and rumors that the standard would be used in Apple’s next iPhone, new images showing a supposed nano-SIM tray for Apple’s next iPhone have surfaced online.

Nowhereelse.fr reports (via 9to5Mac, translation):

Presented as being designed to slip into the SIM card slot of the iPhone 5, this element seems in turn confirm that the next iPhone indeed adopt this new standard imposed by Apple. I take this article to drag other photos with us in passing a Home button which should equip the iPhone 5 and which is also slightly smaller than previous generations, details of which we heard last Friday.

Of course, the biggest question surrounding these images is whether or not they are authentic. Considering that Apple’s standard has already been approved, and claims that European carriers are already stockpiling the new SIMS, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Some of the images also show a slightly smaller home button, which also lines up with previous part leaks for Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

Apple’s next iPhone is rumored to feature a taller 4-inch screenthinner design, and a two-tone metal rear casing, as well as a smaller dock connector, relocated FaceTime camera, and LTE support, and is expected to be announced on September 12.



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