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Apple Confirms New 2012 iMacs Do Not Support VESA Mounting

Apple Confirms New 2012 iMacs Do Not Support VESA Mounting

Apple’s insanely thin new iMacs may be gorgeous and powerful, but many of the design decisions that Apple made on the new desktops leave cause for concern – such as using proprietary SSDs, making it extremely difficult to replace RAM on 21.5-inch models, taking steps to prevent users from upgrading and repairing their own iMacs and more (1, 2, 3), all for the sake of making it slightly prettier.

Image via Flickr

Today, MacTrast has received exclusive confirmation from Apple about yet another design concern that will leave many users disappointed. According to a message received from Apple representative Laura Metz, the new iMacs do not support VESA mounting of any kind, making it impossible to use them with wall mounts, articulating arms, or other mounting solutions.

Apple representative Laura Metz, in response to my email inquiry about the matter:

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your inquiry. The new iMac is not VESA mount compatible at this time.

We appreciate your feedback on this feature and will take it into consideration.


Apple has supported VESA mounting across its line of iMacs and Cinema/Thunderbolt displays for quite some time – and the exclusion of mounting options will come as a huge disappointment to many power users (especially those who have already invested hundreds of dollars in mounts), as well as businesses who mount iMacs for display or kiosk purposes.

There are already third-party solutions in the works that latch directly to the new iMac’s stand – but many consider leaving the stand in place to be tacky. It also doesn’t work well in all mounting situations – like a wall-mounted kiosk.

Suspicions have been circulating for a while that the new iMac’s stands can’t be readily removed and swapped for mounting hardware, due to a footnote on Apple’s VESA mount at their online store noting incompatibility with the new 27-inch iMac. With today’s confirmation, those suspicions are now facts. Form over function strikes again. Very disappointing indeed.

  1. TA says:

    It is true that VESA mounting is not possible at this time. However, while new iMacs will indeed be supporting VESA mounting, said machines will be available only as BTO, they will ship without the stand and the mount cannot be subsequently removed. It will be available for both iMac sizes through Apple Store (and Reseller Store) within foreseeable future.

    1. What makes you think that?

      1. TA says:

        Hi J. Glenn Kunzler
        I think Apple representative Laura’s message is slightly unclear; in particular I note her use of “at this time”. Of course I could be mistaken but my previous message above is an accurate summary of a detailed mail from a Scandinavian Apple representative sent out to some resellers. I find his explanation very plausible and I think it is a question of the VESA mount being updated.

        1. CP says:

          Proof please

        2. Can you forward that email to us? Glenn@MacTrast.com. I would love to take a look, verify that, and possibly post about it!

  2. Michael Lemberger says:

    Dear Apple,

    LAME. Lame, lame, laaaammmme. L-A-M-E.

  3. ExAppleCustomer says:

    I will no longer buy Apple Products after my discussion with 2 reps from the company asking for an exchange of my iMac for one that will wall-mount. I designed my tiny apartment with a wall-mounted iMac in mind and discovered soon after my big purchase that they changed the design of the shell and it was no longer wall-mountable. VERY poor choice, Apple. Seems the company is making more and more poor choices lately. My discussion with the Apple rep was less than tactful as well. Could not believe he basically told me I was wasting his time. I told him I would not waste any more of his time or my money on Apple products. Unreal.

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