iOS 6.1 Beta 5 Hints at Upcoming 128 GB iPad

iOS 6.1 Beta 5 Hints at Upcoming 128 GB iPad

Having problems fitting all your content into the measly 64GB top-of-the-line iPad? Well fear not, oh cramped one, there may be an iPad with more storage just over the horizon.


Jeff Benjamin, writing for iDownloadBlog:

Then you might be interested in this RT from iOShacker iH8sn0w a few moments ago. It questioned the possibility of seeing 128GB iDevices in the near future, due to a new system partition key size in the iOS 6.1 BuildManifest.

Benjamin decided to investigate for himself, and extracted the the iOS 6.1 beta and compared the SystemPartitionPadding values with older 6.0.x firmware.

Above, you can see the in the screenshots he snapped comparing the key values from the beta 6.1 firmware, and the public 6.0 firmware.

As seen above, the field labeled, “SystemPartitionPadding”, has an additional “128” key. This opens up the possibility of the availability of 128GB iOS devices.

How about it? Will you “go jumbo” next time you buy an iPad? Are you running out of room in your current device? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.