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Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Retina MacBook Pro Displays

Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Retina MacBook Pro Displays

Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro may be the newest, most innovative Mac laptop that money can buy, and the new Retina display may be sharp and just plain gorgeous to behold – but many users have experienced significantly problems with the displays on the Retina MacBook Pro, and one user has decided to launch a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the defective displays.

The issue at hand is image retention, or “ghosting,” on displays in some Retina MacBook Pros (demonstrated in the above video). The defective displays are made by LG, and significantly reduce the beauty of an otherwise incredible viewing experience. The lawsuit alleges that Apple has failed to acknowledge or warn users of the issue, and failed to fix the defective displays for some users. The report claims that Apple has somehow tricked users into buying MacBooks with the defective displays by not marking the display manufacturer on the box.

Law360 reports (via 9to5Mac):

An Apple Inc. laptop owner lodged a putative class action in California federal court on Wednesday accusing the company of tricking consumers into paying premium prices for MacBook Pro computers with shoddy retina display screens manufactured by LG Corp.

Although Apple advertises the MacBook’s liquid crystal display screens as the best of its kind, some of the computers contain LG screens that suffer from brightness, color and image display flaws while others feature better screens made by Samsung Corp., according to the suit.

[…]  The performance disparity between the LG version and the Samsung version is particularly troubling given that Apple represents the MacBook Pro with retina displayas a single, unitary product, described as the highest quality notebook display on the market.

The image retention issue has been reported by customers since shortly after the Retina MacBook Pro was introduced. The claim is a bit strange, in my opinion – I don’t know of any manufacturer that painstakingly lists the manufacturer for every single component inside their notebooks on the retail box. It’s a bit of an unreasonable expectation.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out! I haven’t heard of any cases where Apple has refused to replace a display with image retention issues…

  1. I have this issue who do i talk to about getting this fixed

    1. Rohith says:

      Apple store genius bar

  2. Saul Hudson says:

    This issue has been around for years! I have a 2008 iMac 24 and it has apalling “image persistence” as Apple like to call it. It’s all to do with heat and Apples failings in protecting the screen from it. Never had the problem with any PC display or laptop. Apple’s arrogance is shown by their complete lack of concern over the issue. They seem to think we should just accept it and count ourselves lucky to have an Apple product!

    Was really surprised to see this issue is STILL there with new macbooks. Why does everyone put up with this crap?

  3. Graig says:

    I have this issue with my macbook retina. And they wanted 600 bucks to fix it.

  4. Jim says:

    my 2015 mac book pro 13″ Retina has blotchy irregular patches everywhere on the display. Most have a center round spot. It makes me think it might be related to an excessive heat issue. Is this a common problem? Will Apple replace If it was a refurbished one I bought at their online store?

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