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Apple Airs a Heartfelt New iPhone 5 Commercial, All About “Photos Every Day”

Apple Airs a Heartfelt New iPhone 5 Commercial, All About “Photos Every Day”

Apple began airing a brand new iPhone 5 commercial today, focused on the device’s camera capabilities. The ad take a significant new direction compares to Apple’s most recent ads, and returns to Apple’s tradition of simple, elegant, and powerful advertising. It doesn’t say much about the iPhone 5 – but it certainly does deliver a powerful message.


The ad is a full minute long, and shows people taking pictures in their everyday lives – photos of food, concerts, their kids, and more. It’s an honest look at how many people use their iPhone to capture their lives on a day to day basis, and focuses on the people that use Apple’s products rather than lingering on the product itself.

The ad ends with the note that more photos are taken every day using an iPhone than with any other camera – which, despite having provided no actual evidence of this, does seem very likely based on my own observations of how people tend to use their iPhones.

It’s probably my favorite ad Apple has run in quite a while! The shutter sound at the end acts as a perfect punctuation for the sentiment of the ad as well. Beautiful, elegant marketing. The ad can be viewed right now on Apple’s website and YouTube channel.

What do you think of the new ad? Does it deserve to be in a contender in the best Apple ads of all time? Let us know in the comments!




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