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Supposed iPhone 5S Logic Board and Display Shown in Leaked Images

Supposed iPhone 5S Logic Board and Display Shown in Leaked Images

Yesterday, Japanese part supplier Moumantai posted a few photos (via MacRumors) of what is claimed to be the actual logic board from Apple’s next-gen iPhone, albeit without an actual processor installed. The board is nearly identical in shape to the iPhone 5 logic board, although it appears to be slightly narrower, and includes a larger CPU/SoC slot.

iphone_5s_5_logic_board_rear iphone_5s_5_logic_boards_front

The larger chip socket is of particular interest, suggesting that Apple’s next gen “A7” system on a chip will be larger than their current A6 chip – something which would be expected from a more powerful next-gen Soc. The logic board also features a slightly different screw and chip layout than the iPhone 5S logic board.

iphone_5s_5_logic_boards_front_top iphone_5s_display_assembly

This morning, a separate supplier, iHeart Repair (also via MacRumors), posted images of a claimed next-gen iPhone front panel – and to our great interest, it appears to be a perfect fit for the leaked logic board, adding a bit more legitimacy to both leaked photos. Notably, both of the display’s flex cable connector, appear to align perfectly with the logic board.

As expected, both leaks suggest that the next-gen iPhone will retain an overall similar design to the iPhone 5. Apple typically rolls out a major redesign only once every two years, for their “S” update, saving major redesigns for every other release. While neither leak is especially revealing, the fact that both parts fit together is more than a little interesting.

The “iPhone 5S” is likely to be unveiled later this year, with current rumors pointing to September, and is rumored to include significant under-the-hood upgrades, as well as a possible fingerprint sensor under the home button.