Apple’s Developer Website Down Since Thursday

Apple’s Developer Website Down Since Thursday

Apple’s Developer website has been down since Thursday, leaving developers to wonder when their online resource will return.



Numerous developers began to reach out to AppleInsider on Thursday, when the Apple Dev Center sites for iOS and OS X first went offline. As the outage carried into Friday, the number of developers concerned about the downtime only grew.

During the period, the site has displayed a message merely saying that it will “be back soon.”

“This site is undergoing maintenance for an extended period today,” the iOS and OS X sites read. “Thanks for your patience.”

A number of developers have took to Twitter to vent and discuss the unusually long downtime of the dev site.

While many tweets were of the complaint variety, some found humor in the outage. BJ Homer (@bjhomer) wrote: “It would be funny if the Dev Center outage were due to the gov’t attempting to crack iOS 7 Activation Lock.”  And Christopher Lenz (@cmlenz) posted: “First get us all excited about iOS 7 and then serve us a non-retina, linen background error page on the dev center for two days. :/”

It’s unknown what the reason for the downtime is, or how much longer it will last. We’ll keep you posted when we hear anything.


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