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Review: “Mobile Home” – The Power of “Siri Eyes Free” in Your Current Vehicle

Review: “Mobile Home” – The Power of “Siri Eyes Free” in Your Current Vehicle

Do you get a little envious when you see the new Chevrolets with the “Siri Eyes Free” featured in their ads? Well here’s a product that will allow you to use most of those features with your present bluetooth enabled car. Enter “Mobile Home” from Beanco Technology.



Mobile Home is a nifty little small rectangular box that pairs with your iPhone (which is already paired with the bluetooth system in your car), and allows you to access Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant in iOS, with one push of a handy button that’s mounted on your car’s sun visor via velcro, or a handy metal clip.

This handy button keeps you from reaching in your pocket, or searching in your console for your iPhone when you want to access Siri’s functions. Instead of possibly veering into another lane while looking down to find your phone and then having to search for the Home button on your phone, (I would drop it every time when I did that), you simply reach up on your visor, press the button on the Mobile Home, and you’ll instantly hear the familiar prompt sound off through your auto’s stereo speakers, as Siri awaits your command.

Let’s review:

  • Your iPhone can stay in your pocket, purse, or briefcase.
  • You press the button on the “Mobile Home” device and wait for the familiar tone.
  • You then give Siri the usual commands via your vehicles built-in bluetooth microphone.

I found the Mobile Home worked as advertised. It easily paired with my iPhone via Bluetooth, and it brought up Siri to do my bidding when I pressed the button. It’s such a simple idea when you think about it, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of devices like this on the market.

The price of $79.99 could be a little dear for some, although it is currently available at Amzon.com for what seems to be a permanently discounted price of $59.99.


If you’ve seen the Chevrolet “Siri Eyes Free” commercials and turned green with envy, Mobile Home could be the device for you.

The handy, visor mounted button allows easy access to Siri without taking your eyes off the road. While it won’t keep your attention fully on the road, it should assist greatly in keeping you from having to fumble around in your pockets, purse, or console when you want to access Siri while driving. And anything that makes the road safer for you and other drivers is definitely a good thing.

The Home Button is a cool little device that performs its single function quite well. For more information about how you can use Mobile Home, be sure to visit their YouTube page which contains several informative videos.

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]

Price: $79.99, but currently available at a special price of $59.99 at Amazon.com.


  • Helps you avoid taking your eyes off the road while fumbling for your iPhone.
  • Gives easy, one touch access to Siri, without needing to find your iPhone.
  • Works perfectly with the Bluetooth system already in your vehicle.


  • The Mobile Home goes into battery saving sleep mode after a period of no use. Sometimes you have to press it for a longer time when using it for the first time each day. A minor inconvenience.
  • The price of $79.99 may turn some people off. My advice is to grab it while it’s discounted.