How To Manage Files From the Title Bar of OS X Mavericks Apps

How To Manage Files From the Title Bar of OS X Mavericks Apps

While OS X Mountain Lion brought us the ability to rename files from the title bar in Finder and other apps, OS X Mavericks expands on this feature by allowing users to also move and rename files from the title bar of many Mavericks apps.


To access the new file management tools in Mavericks, just hover your mouse pointer over the name of the document in the app’s title bar as seen above. You’ll see a small triangle appear to the right of the filename. Click it. The pop-up dialog will appear, and here you can rename or move your file, and even add tags.

Not all apps support this feature, so if you don’t see the triangle when you hover over the document’s name, the trick won’t work. The good news is, that this is a very useful feature, and we’re sure more developers will start including it as they update their apps for OS X Mavericks.

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  1. jerrykrinock says:

    Oddly, whether or not the popover appears tracks with whether or not the app’s developer has opted it in to Auto Save and Versions. I think that’s kind of a bug. Prior to OS X 10.8, as you noted in your previous article linked to in the first sentence, this thing was a menu, not a popover, and the menu included at least item related to Auto Save and Versions, namely “Browse All Versions…”. The new popover does not include any such items, so its appearance should really not be tied to Auto Save and Versions.

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