Apple Makes The 8GB iPhone 5c Available in India

Apple Makes The 8GB iPhone 5c Available in India

Apple recently introduced an 8GB version of its colorful iPhone 5c to a number of markets around the globe. While the device is admittedly space-limited, Apple says it wants to offer the device at an attractive price to while still offering LTE, a feature not available in the cheaper iPhone 4S. Apple is now offering the 8GB device in India.



A few weeks ago, The Times of India reported that Apple was poised to introduce the 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c to iPhone buyers in India, and today The Times is reporting that Apple has indeed introduced that cheaper version of the colorful iPhone as was rumored and expected.

While the 8GB iPhone 5c retails for Rs 37,500 (around $641 USD), Apple is offering a cash discount of Rs 4,000, bringing down the phone’s price to Rs 33,500 (approximately $572 USD).

Apple is also offering a case worth Rs 2,000 with the phone, but for a limited time only.

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