Warning: Your iPhone 6 Plus Can Bend, and This Video Proves It

Warning: Your iPhone 6 Plus Can Bend, and This Video Proves It

So, if you make a really “HUGE!” and thin handset out of aluminum and glass it could bend easily… Who’da thunk?

Reports are coming in from owners about their iPhone 6 Plus bending when kept either in their back or front pants pocket. A video from Unbox Therapy confirms the “bendability” of the device.


As demonstrated by a video posted to YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, vlogger Lewis Hilsenteger was able to bend the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands, suggesting the large-faced aluminum chassis has less structural stability than past iPhone models.

The video, seen above, shows how the iPhone 6 Plus being pushed in the middle of the phone’s rear case, while being pulled in from the edges. The case buckles near the cutouts for the device’s volume buttons.

While bending such as this might be expected from devices that are kept in the back pocket, some iPhone 6 Plus owners are reporting they had their 6 Plus in the front pocket, a location many users use in order to prevent the device from being sat upon.

Hilsenteger even mentions in the video that his iPhone 6 Plus was showing signs of slight bending with normal use prior to the video.

Have any of you experienced any signs of bending with your iPhone 6 Plus?

  1. Heath Weber says:

    I think this can be attributed to user error more than any fault of the manufacturer. I mean, common sense should tell you that if you stuff something as big as the iPhone 6+ in your pocket and then sit down, the odds are in the favor of the device bending. The phone is so big that it probably only barely fits in any but the largest pockets. I can’t imagine it’s even comfortable to have the iPhone 6+ in your pocket to begin with.

  2. Hilsenteger's Older Brother says:

    You understand that Hilsenteger is an attention-seeking whore? What a moron. Millions of iPhones have been sold and there are officially 9 that have experienced bending.

    1. Veronica Gazpuzzi says:

      Yes, and this dork intentionally used his maximum force to ruin a beautiful device in the hopes of a video ‘going viral’. He is an idiot and is to be ignored.

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