How To: Access Hidden Movie Categories in Netflix

How To: Access Hidden Movie Categories in Netflix

While we knew Netflix had a buttload of movies available, we weren’t aware you could access them by sub-category! The Blood-Shed has shared a way of accessing individual horror categories you might not have seen before.

How To: Access Hidden Horror Movie Categories in Netflix

Accessing the individual horror movie categories is easy, but there is a catch. You’ll need to do this from a web browser, and it doesn’t work inside of the Netflix app on any device. However, using this trick, you can view the movies, and add them to your queue for viewing later.

Just visit the address listed below in your favorite browser, and add any of the codes listed below :

Or, you can just click the links below:

This trick will also work with other codes for other categories, (2759 is Foreign Satires, 4006 will result in a listing of Military Documentaries, and 10118 is Comic book and Superhero movies), but we just know you’re all a bunch of blood-thirsty little scamps, and would be more likely to visit the horror movie categories. When you’re visiting category 89585, add Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. SO funny!

Just before we went to press, we found an entire list of sub-categories at the What’s on Netflix Site. Now, please hold my calls, and bring me a giant bag of popcorn, two cases of Coca-Cola, and my Apple TV remote. I’m going to be working binging all weekend.