Iffy Video Alleges to Show ‘iPhone SE’ in the Wild!

Iffy Video Alleges to Show ‘iPhone SE’ in the Wild!

We received a video link today from┬áNick from Beeep, which alleges to show an “iPhone SE” in the wild. We’re skeptical, but we decided to let our readers decide. Is it real, or just a mockup? YOU DECIDE!

Nick’s email read:

Just one week before the Apple event, we caught the new 4 inch iPhone at wild at Huaqiangbei Shenzhen China, the so called “silicon valley of hardware”.

Here is the video I shot yesterday. Just watch it, you will be amazed.

As shown in the video, and the photos above, the device is close to the size of the iPhone 5s, while closely resembling an iPhone 6s, with antenna bands, a protruding camera lens, and rounded edges. The power switch, however, is on the top, much like the iPhone 5s the device is said to be replacing. So, really, nothing like previous rumors.

We’re leaning toward a fake, at the moment, especially since the device is never powered up. However, it does seem to be a nicely done fake, if indeed it is. We’ll know for sure come next Monday, March 21, when Apple unveils their latest devices at their big Spring event. Stay tuned…

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