Apple Releases 7 New Mini Ads for the Apple Watch (VIDEO)

Apple Releases 7 New Mini Ads for the Apple Watch (VIDEO)

Apple on Monday posted a series of seven 15-second ad spots to its YouTube channel, each focusing on a different feature of the Apple Watch. Each spot is set on a different colored background and each features different background music.


The first three videos, posted below deal with fitness. “Row,” “Chase,” and “Golf,” feature a rower, a runner, and a golfer, (rocker Alice Cooper, a well-known golf fanatic), respectively. Each spot shows users checking their fitness goals for the day, and in most cases, having their competitive juices fueled by a peek at the Watch.

Ad number four, “Find,” demonstrates the Apple Watch’s ability to locate the iPhone by “pinging” it via a Glance on the Watch, as actress Chloë Sevigny uses the feature to find her lost iPhone.

The fifth spot, “Swap,” shows off the plethora of band options that are available for the Watch.

The ad in the sixth spot, “Surprise,” depicts the Apple Watch being used at a surprise party, it demonstrates the Messages app and the device’s ability to control HomeKit-connected products, such as lighting.

Last but not least, “Rain,” shows off app notifications, as an Apple Watch wearer get advance notice about an incoming rain storm by a notification from the popular Dark Sky weather app, and stays dry by opening her umbrella in time, while everyone else scrambles to stay dry.

(Via MacRumors)

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