Amazon is Cracking Down on Counterfeit Products in Its Marketplace

Amazon is Cracking Down on Counterfeit Products in Its Marketplace

Amazon is said to be finally cracking down on the problem of counterfeit products being sold in its Marketplace. According to a recent lawsuit filed by Apple, up to 90% of “official” chargers sold on the site are fake. (Via The Verge)

Amazon Cracking Down on Counterfeit Products in Its Marketplace

The iPhone maker is currently suing a company named Mobile Star LLC for trademark infringement, alleging that the firm has been passing off counterfeit Apple chargers as the real thing. PatentlyApple has posted the text of the lawsuit, in which Apple reports buying a number of Mobile Star’s chargers from Amazon.

Bloomberg News says the online merchant has acknowledged internally that the counterfeit problem is getting worse, and has made cracking down on sales of the fakes a “major goal” for 2017.

Amazon is said to be setting up a registry to prevent the sale of fakes. The company is working with brands to register with them, even if they don’t plan to directly sell goods on the site. The online firm will require any merchants who wish to sell products from a registered company to obtain permission from the brand before they are allowed to sell their products.

While Amazon reportedly has been experimenting with Nike and other companies to build the list, the giant online merchant will look to sign up thousands of brands next year.

Counterfeit products have led to issues with Amazon’s convincing brands to sell their official products through the site, with talks with such major brands as the NFL, and MLB stalling due to Amazon’s lack of control over the sale of fake products

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