Verizon to offer its own VPN for iOS devices called ‘Safe Wi-fi’

Verizon to offer its own VPN for iOS devices called ‘Safe Wi-fi’

Based on the latest reports, Verizon is looking to charge $4/month for its new VPN service. The price point is within a fair asking price compared to the rest of the competition. Safe Wi-Fi promises to work on up to 10 devices connected to your account. You should also know that old iPhones and iPads running older iOS than version 10 will not be compatible.

Further, Safe Wi-Fi will have an “Ad Tracker Blocker”, which is a feature you’ll be able to turn ON or OFF.

What’s the problem with telco-provided VPNs?

For relatively obvious reasons, some end users chose to go with a network-agnostic VPN service because of the latest privacy legislation ruling. Since telco companies are legally allowed to sell user data to the highest bidder, the more secure way to maintain your data private is by going with services such as KeepSolid, VPN Express, Nord VPN, GhostVPN, IP Vanish or other third party provider. The marketplace for VPN is quite large, offering hundreds, if not thousands of VPN products. From our experience, we recommend the below three reputable services:

  1. VPN Unlimited
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN

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