Health-Related Job Openings at Apple up 400% Since 2017

A new report says health-related job openings at Apple have risen a whopping 400% since 2017. The numbers shouldn’t come as a huge surprise though, given the Cupertino firm’s recent focus on the health-related features of its products, such as the ECG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4.


But based on hiring data trends, it appears Apple has every intention to continue to invest in health technology. Job openings at the company with the term “Health” in their titles have been on a steady rise in 2017 and accelerated this fall into winter.

As of October 2017, the company listed a mere 15 jobs with “Health” in its title. Today, the company list 75 such jobs. The rise tracks with the launch of the Series 4 and the addition of new health and fitness tracking capabilities in Apple’s devices and apps.

The iPhone maker’s job listings include “Software and Services” jobs with 32 openings, including titles like “Health Software – watchOS App Engineer” and “Clinical Health Informatist.” The “Hardware” category offers jobs such as “Sensing Hardware EE (Health Sensing)” and “Next-Generation Health Sensor Algorithm Engineer”

Seven of the more recent job listings in the “Health” category include “QA” (Quality Assurance) in the position title, possibly indicating Apple is entering the final stages of the development of some new, as yet unannounced, health technologies.