Apple Watch Ultra Giveaway from Mactrast

Apple Watch Ultra Giveaway from Mactrast

This competition has ended and we have a new Apple Watch Giveaway for 2024 here. Apple just announced the newest and most rugged version of the Apple Watch, called Apple Watch Ultra. Unlike the predictable Apple Watch Series 8, the Ultra satisfies even the most activity hungry crowd. If you aspire to be an Iron-Man athlete or an ultra distance runner, then Apple Watch Ultra is meant for you.

Mactrast is bringing a Free Apple Watch giveaway valued at $799 and it can be yours with a bit of a luck and/or consistency of collecting daily entries.

This flagship Apple Watch includes the following features:

  1. 49mm titanium case
  2. Water resistance 100m
  3. IP6X dust resistant
  4. 36 hrs of battery life
  5. Blood oxygen readings
  6. Crash and Fall Detection
  7. 86-decibel Siren
  8. Retina display w/ 2000 nits
  9. Cycle and ovulation estimates
  10. Water proof 40m

Please follow the instructions below in the widget to complete your entries or to see the terms and conditions.

Apple Watch Ultra Giveaway

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Apple Watch Ultra Review





  • Better Battery
  • Hard Crystal Glass


  • Expensive
  • Too Large for Women