iPhone 15 Cases by Speck Feature Proprietary System for Charging Safety

iPhone 15 Cases by Speck Feature Proprietary System for Charging Safety

If you’re buying a new iPhone 15, you’re going to want to protect your precious device. And there is no better way to do that than with a new iPhone case. I’ve been an iPhone user since 2007, and if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is that one of the best iPhone case makers around is Speck.

Speck has been in the accessories business since 2001, and now the popular case and accessory maker has announced that it has released an astounding 169 new cases in 17 different designs and 20 colors.

This announcement should be of particular interest to iPhone 15 owners who prefer to charge their devices via Apple’s MagSafe charging. There are 57 of the new cases that use Speck’s ClickLock no-slip interlock system, which works to prevent accidental separation from the company’s new ClickLock add-on MagSafe® accessories. You can find a Car Vent Mount, Wallet, and StandyGrip – all of which were announced a few weeks ago.

All 169 Speck cases are now available, both online and at major retail locations, and they are made explicitly for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max handsets, which Apple unveiled earlier this week.

What is ClickLock?

Before we take a look at the Speck case lineup, let me explain what “ClickLock” is and how it protects you and your iPhone 15 while you’re charging your device or have it mounted in your car.

As you likely already know, while Apple’s MagSafe provides an efficient wireless charging connection, your iPhone can come loose if you bump it, hit a chuckhole in the road, or otherwise disturb the MagSafe magnetic connection. While the MagSafe connection is good, it could be better. That’s where Speck’s ClickLock comes in.

Speck’s ClickLock system includes an interlocking bolt in its accessories, which includes a Car Vent Mount, A Wallet, and what Speck calls the StandyGrip, which is a clever accessory that acts as a finger grip, acts as a stand that allows portrait or landscape viewing of your iPhone 15, and also acts as a continuity camera mount for use with your MacBook.


The interlocking bolt on the above accessories is designed to mate exactly with a matching receptacle included in the company’s ClickLock for MagSafe iPhone cases. When the case is brought into close proximity with one of the accessories, the bolt automatically extends, automatically interlocking to prevent the iPhone from slipping. When the bolt slides into the receptacle, the makes an audible “click” sound, which is where the moniker “ClickLock” comes from.

“Last year we started looking at ways to fundamentally improve the user experience of using an iPhone,” said Bryan Hynecek, Chief Design Officer of Speck Products, “After extensively using MagSafe magnetic mounts and accessories we knew there had to be a way to make the bond more robust.”

It should be noted that ClickLock is not intended as a replacement for MagSafe, it is designed to enhance the MagSafe system, by providing additional protection against your iPhone slipping off of the MagSafe charging or mounting pad.

While Speck’s ClickLock cases were created to work with ClickLock accessories, they are also compatible with standard MagSafe mounts and chargers, which will come in handy if you don’t have your ClickLock accessories at hand. Plus, ClickLock accessories can be used with the iPhone 15 lineup both with and without a standard MagSafe case, although it will be without the added benefits of ClickLock protection.

Speck iPhone 15 Cases

Now, let’s discuss the cases Speck now has available for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices.

Speck is offering three major variations of its cases for the iPhone 15 lineup. These include “Standard” (non-MagSafe), “Built for MagSafe” (without ClickLock), and “ClickLock for MagSafe” which includes the No-Slip Interlock feature. These new models total 17 different designs and include:

  • PRESIDIO2 PRO ($39.95 – 49.95 MSRP): The Presidio2 Pro features Armor Cloud extreme protection while offering a soft-touch finish for better look, feel, and scratch-resistance.
  • PRESIDIO2 GRIP ($39.95 – $49.95 MSRP): The Presidio 2 Grip is 20% slimmer than the other cases, and is optimized for use with Speck’s MagSafe and ClickLock accessories.
  • PRESIDIO PERFECT-CLEAR ($39.95 – $49.95 MSRP): This clear iPhone 15 case uses Speck’s “Perfect-Clear” coating, which provides resistance to resist discoloring, yellowing, and scratching.
  • PRESIDIO PERFECT-CLEAR GRIP ($44.95 – $49.95 MSRP): This case adds no-slip inverted grips to the mix, providing increased durability and a more secure feel.
  • PRESIDIO LUX ($44.95 – $49.95 MSRP): This is the case my wife will want, as it brings all-new shimmering glitter, providing a bit of panache while protecting your iPhone 15.
  • GEMSHELL GLITTER ($24.95 MSRP): This transparent, pocket-friendly case includes fade-resistant glitter crystals.
  • GEMSHELL GRIP ($24.95 – $34.95 MSRP): This case includes grips for a more secure feel.

All Presidio2 cases are tested to protect from a 13-foot drop and include raised-bezel screen and camera lens guards, soft-touch anti-scratch coatings, and Microban antimicrobial product protection. The cases are manufactured from 50% recycled plastics and are protected with a limited lifetime warranty.

Speck Companion Accessories

Speck’s ClickLock companion accessories combine both a magnetic and mechanical component to create a secure bond between an iPhone 15 in a ClickLock case and the accessory. The accessories also create a powerful magnetic-only bond when used with an iPhone 12 or later, with or without a MagSafe case.

Specks three ClickLock accessories are:

  • CAR VENT MOUNT for MagSafe with ClickLock ($39.95 MSRP): This low-profile auto dashboard vent clamp mount provides an ultra-secure mount for iPhone 15 devices. It features a 360-degree adjustable locking ball joint, built-in charge cable routing, and the ClickLock no-slip interlock that prevents your iPhone from falling down to the floorboard if your vehicle hits a pothole or speed bump.
  • WALLET for MagSafe with ClickLock ($29.95 MSRP): This add-on Wallet securely attaches to a ClickLock iPhone case, holding up to three credit, debit, or ID cards. The wallet is available in 4 colors (Nimbus Pink/Pale Violet, Black, Coastal Blue/Space Blue, and Pale Oak/Dark Umber). The wallet stays attached to a ClickLock iPhone case, even when you’re wearing the tightest pair of jeans.
  • STANDYGRIP™ For MagSafe with ClickLock ($29.95 MSRP): This accessory acts as a finger grip for a better grip while holding your iPhone 15 in your hand, a viewing stand, and a continuity camera mount for use with your MacBook.

Speck’s new range of cases and accessories for the iPhone 15 lineup look like they will do an excellent job of protecting your precious new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max while also making it more convenient to use

Visit Speck’s website here.