App Review Policy: Terms, Conditions, and Disclosures

As a site that receives hundreds of review requests on a regular basis, MacTrast has implemented a system to charge developers a nominal fee to review their app.  This money helps us to fairly compensate reviewers for the time they spend objectively reviewing an app, while maintaining a necessary lack of bias for reviews published on the site.


Each app is evaluated for quality, usability, and content based on the real-world experience of using the app, and is rated on a scale from 1 to 5 based on the reviewer’s assessment after using the app for a period of time. Developers are charged a flat fee, and are in no sense guaranteed a positive review, nor offered the opportunity to pay “extra” for a higher rating or to guarantee a positive review.

All reviews are written exclusively by MacTrast writers – and at no time will MacTrast ever agree to publish a review written by a developer or marketing agency, or any “pre-written” review created for promotional purposes. Reviews are final at the time of posting, and will not be revised, removed, or altered based on the developer’s feedback, except in rare instances where we may have overlooked a critical feature or function of the app, or where factual clarification is needed.

On occasion, a reviewer will independently choose to review an app without being approached by a developer. To distinguish pro bono reviews from paid reviews, all paid reviews will be clearly marked as such in the name of full disclosure. All paid reviews will include a small statement at the bottom of the review explaining that it has been commissioned by a developer, along with a direct link to this review policy.

Are you interested in having your app reviewed by MacTrast? For more details, or to request a review, simply send us an email at!