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  • 9 Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone 5 (Humor)

9 Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone 5 (Humor)

9 Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone 5 (Humor)
9 Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone 5

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  1. Rudy says:

    LOL that's hilarious!

  2. notamused says:

    If you guys are going to continue to keep doing this, please put a (comic) or (parody) tag on the TWITTER link. There's enough unfunny crap on the internets already.

  3. Fred says:

    Nice!!!!! LMFAO

  4. Russell says:

    I'll wait until #3, #6 and #9 are done! Ha!

  5. Luke says:

    Idk, Steve jobs has some tricks up his sleeve. And I hear apple is looking in to zombie killing technology

  6. bob says:

    hahaha NIce Posting.

  7. Uhwhat says:

    I agree with notamused. A disclaimer should be added. Those couple of minutes are gone forever.

  8. Martin says:

    I'm convinced, I will most definitely not be buying an Iphone 5. I think the lack of zombie killing laser is what won me over in this clear but precise representation of some of the major lacking features…

  9. Allen Klosowski says:

    Seems like a cheap knockoff of the Oatmeal, only less funny

  10. anthos says:

    Guess the cartoonist learnt this comic trick from the Oatmeal, copycat with a diff theme.

  11. Inés says:

    WHAT? It does not come with a unicorn?! Useless, I'm out!

  12. Picked up by TNW. Well done, Frank!

  13. guest says:

    was that supposed to be funny?

  14. Dave says:

    It's great one comic. Let's shared !

  15. Dayron Leon says:

    The post was cute and rather funny. I too love the Oatmeal, but this isn’t a rip-off. Those who scream “rip-off” have never created something for themselves. The poster came up with a concept and executed it rather well. The creator of a chair can’t scream “rip-off” with every chair design ever created. You peeps need to get a life.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks Dayron, appreciate it! 🙂

    2. Guest says:

      What you said reminded me of that rant by Zuck’s character in The Social Network.

  16. miguel Essers says:

    OK – 9 reasons to not follow Mac Trast anymore… (my dog has a better sense of humor).

    1. robsonnunes says:

      stop being such a troller… :/

  17. C J05 says:

    Still waiting for the comic part!

  18. Guest says:

    It will not allow you to have a custom Alert (Email, SMS) without jail breaking.

  19. Amit says:


  20. Web Strategy says:

    only a few of the very good reasons that I won’t be buying one

  21. jerks, never trusting this site again.

  22. Ron Katz  says:

    Agreed, Don’t want to follow links to jokes when I’m looking for news. Love the jokes but please don’t go losing our trust in your posts.

    1. I marked it as humor so as not to be misleading, but point taken.

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