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Apple TV Screensavers and their Locations Identified

Apple TV Screensavers and their Locations Identified

Apple TV shows fantastic screensavers when it’s left alone idle for a period of time. You can also hit “Menu” on the remote while you’re in the top-level menu already to activate these screensavers on command. The locations of the city skylines and arial views are a common topic when you casually sit on your couch, have a friend visiting, or when you’re throwing the biggest ranger party of your life. Let’s face it, you’re not an encyclopedia that would know every corner around the world so we have the answer key for you below. Here is a list of locations frequently appearing.

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Hong Kong

hongkong apple TV screensaver


greenland apple tv screensaver greenland apple TV screensaver

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Dubai in the morning dubai arial Apple_TV_screensaver_dubai_at_night

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china arial

Los Angeles

los angeles highway system arial Apple_TV_Screensavers_LA_at_nightApple_TV_screensaver_LAX_birdseye

San Francisco

san francisco golden gate bridge

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New York

New York arial view of times square new york hudson river


hawaii tropical coast hawaii valleyhawaii sky

Liwa in United Arab Emirates

liwa desert


london at night tower brige london during day the shard and tower bridge skyline

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All Summarized

Summary of all

  1. Bill Britt says:

    If these locations are actual “live” locations, why are the vehicles maintaining identical speeds? I don’t know about the other cities, but the Los Angeles location featuring the Hollywood sign seems to be significantly altered since the sign is definitely not in the location depicted, relative to the Griffith Observatory.

    1. Johny D. says:

      The locations are recorded, not live-streamed. Why would you think that?

      1. Bill Britt says:

        Please refer back to my question. I never said live-streamed. I meant “live” as in “real” which is why I put the word “live” in quotes. Again…if the locations are REAL I’m just wondering why the vehicles are all maintaining the exact same speed and never change lanes. Are the vehicles computer-generated and placed into real environments? I’m just trying to figure it out.

        1. Odd Fellow says:

          If this is really important to you, you should be scientific about it and check the distance between marks in the road. Then calculate the speed of every car there and see if they really have the exact same speed.
          You should also count the cars and make a statistically estimate to find out if not changing lanes in that time frame really is unreal, compared to the same time frame on a highway you know is real.

          Or have you done that already?

          1. Bill Britt says:

            If no car changes lanes, and every car in a lane maintains the exact same distance from the car in front of it (both situations extremely unlikely in the real world) I’m thinking no math is necessary to confirm whether the cars are computer-generated. Hence my suspicion that they are.

          2. Bobbi says:

            Several cars change lanes, in fact this one car crosses over a into an on ramp lane.

          3. Bill Britt says:

            Yes, since my original post I’ve noticed several cars do in fact change lanes (on off ramps!) However, my main question has NOT changed. Pick a traffic lane. Any lane. Every single car in that lane consistently maintains the exact same speed unless they’re coming to a stop at a traffic light (like the aerial shot of L.A. traffic) Until the widespread use of automated vehicles becomes a reality, every car maintaining an equal distance from the one in front and behind it doesn’t currently happen in the real world. So my main question… Why is that?… remains.

          4. J Moore says:

            Its safe to assume the vehicles aren’t keeping the same spd (speed/pace/distanc)e. The reason is our (camera) relative distance from the vehicles. The same effect as riding in a low to the ground sports car or a lifted pick-up that have the same velocity. It seems like you’re moving faster in the sports car. If we were able to zoom-in to street level the spd would be obvious. Dont have a clue about the Hollywood sign though

  2. Allen Eldred says:

    Bill Britt…study the screen closely..you will notice cars do not maintain equal distance . Keep in mind the aerial distance causes an opticle illusion in a sense, everything tends to look aligned and uniformed. Spend time looking very closely ..cars move to other lanes, speed up individually etc

  3. Chris says:

    All I can say is that I love this thread! Trying to figure out meaningless questions…. always good to stay curious. Now try asking yourself why Arnold Schwarzenegger still has such a heavy accent after being in the US for so long, being involved with acting, politics…. seems strange he would not have lost it a long time ago. Weird, right? Am I alone on this?

  4. Tom says:

    AppleTV screensavers are not videos, but s series of still photos stitched together to create the impression of a video. That is done to produce a higher picture quality, but there is a tiny time gap between each still shot that distorts (to the human eye) motion and speed.

    That said, none of Bill Britt’s original observations were accurate. He evidently glanced at the screen for a few seconds, and his imagination took over from there.

  5. Aneil says:

    What a hilarious thread. Made my day. The fact that they are a series of stitched photos makes a lot of sense.

  6. Michael says:

    Does anyone know the ground locations for the Apple TV ISS shots? I would love to know what I am looking at. I can tell Sicily and the boot of Italy, but there is one where an entire island is outlined in lights. Does anyone know where I can find those locations?

  7. Jerry H says:

    That island outlined in light is actually South Korea. North Korea, to the left, is dark and under clouds. Japan is the bright string of islands beyond that..

  8. E H says:

    Why are the building names turned into color blotches in the Hong Kong screensaver?

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