Dropbox From Anywhere! How To Sync Files That Are Outside Of Dropbox

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Who doesn’t love Dropbox? For those that are not aware; Dropbox is an application that syncs your desktop files across multiple computers. You simply drop your files into a Dropbox folder and, like magic, they are uploaded to your Dropbox profile and then become accessible from other computers that also have Dropbox installed.

For me, Dropbox has replaced the “Documents” folder on my Macbook. I no longer save files to my local harddrive, instead I opt to save all my documents to my Dropbox. The biggest benefit of using Dropbox is that I can access files that I have worked on within my office, on my personal computer (or even my iPhone!) when I get home. I no longer have to email myself files or transfer files to a USB pen. Horrrah!

That’s all awesome. But it gets better…

MacDropAny is an add-on for Dropbox that lets you sync files that are outside of your Dropbox folder to your Dropbox account.

Does that make sense? When you install Dropbox you need to drop files into your Dropbox account in order for them to be synced. If you create folders within Dropbox, these folders will by synced. However, if you download MacDropAny, you can sync folders that are located anywhere on your Mac with Dropbox.

If you’re a Dropbox user and you are not using MacDropAny then get-on-it and check it out for yourself.

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Good question, Patrick. It might be a nuisance and take a long time to move hundreds or thousands of files and folders to your Dropbox folder. And there are many applications that require an exact location for your folders. For example your Music and Photos folders. You would need to configure various apps to move your MP3s and images to folders within Dropbox. That’s a bit of a headache.

In my opinion, it’s much more convenient  to load up DropBoxAny and tell Dropbox to retrospectively sync folders that are already outside of Dropbox than moving them.

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  • david

    i already have drobox on all my macs….is this macdropany something different? i already put all my files from my macbook computer onto my dropbox…how is this different? thank you!

  • Or just create a symlink to the folder you want in Dropbox :Or just create a symlink to the folder you want in Dropbox :

    ln -s /Users/username/Documents/foldername /Users/path/to/dropbox/

    (replace username, foldername, and path/to/dropbox with your own values)

    • sure, you can do that but MacDropAny makes it simple for those who do not know how to do the paths correct.

  • Sebastian

    Hi, I am Sebastian, the developer of MacDropAny

    MacDropAny is by no means a replacement for Dropbox. It is simply an add-on that increases Dropbox's functionality. You still need to use Dropbox.

    If you have any further questions, comments, or would like help with MacDropAny, come along to our thread on the Dropbox forums: http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=30012


  • Or … Just make an hard link .. 🙂


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