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4 To 5 Week Wait For Online Orders Of iPad 2

4 To 5 Week Wait For Online Orders Of iPad 2
ipad 2 delay

More delays for online shoppers of the iPad 2.

Since the launch of the iPad 2 we have seen constant tweaks to the estimated shipping times of the iPad 2 on the Apple website. Unfortunately the revised estimates keep going in the wrong direction.

From Apple Insider…

Yet another delay comes as stock of the iPad 2 around the U.S. is believed to be entirely sold out at all locations, including Apple’s retail stores and partners. Some select Apple stores with new shipments of the iPad 2 are set to open early today, while many other stores await more stock in the face of crushing demand.

The latest delay applies to all models of the iPad 2, including Wi-Fi and both 3G models from AT&T and Verizon. It also includes all capacities: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

The ongoing delay saga is making the grey market for iPad 2’s a bit more attractive. If you desperately need an iPad 2 then you may find yourself looking at auction sites such as eBay to get your iPad 2 fix. But is paying up to double the recommended retail price to avoid a 5 week wait worth it?

The buy it now price on the below item is a whopping $1,399. That is a price inflation of approximately 140% for a white 64GB 3GS iPad 2. And that’s one of the better deals listed on eBay.

A reason for the shortage of iPad 2’s may be as a result of influences from the foreign grey market! An article recently published on TUAW states that..

Because the latest magical product from Apple came out in the US first, a couple of weeks ahead of the rest of the world, foreign dealers were keen to scoop up as many as they could and quickly ship them overseas to make a killing.

In Hong Kong, Apple fanboys are paying more than double for the iPad 2 models just to get their hands on the units before Apple officially launch the iPad 2 there. “Mr Lo”, a gray market practitioner in Hong Kong, employed 8 couriers to ship iPad 2 units from America to fulfill more than 200 orders from Hong Kong based enthusiasts.

It’s a bit ridiculous to port any of the blame of the shortage on the foreign grey market. It’s not like the grey market just popped up over night. Apple would have expected iPad 2’s to find their way across to Europe and Asia within 24 hours of the US launch.

It would seem that the production delays in China and Apple’s reluctance to push back the iPad 2 launch is causing a bit more grief than they first expected.