Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro

Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro

Plantronics has long been a leader in the area of business class bluetooth headsets, providing a wide range of headsets that it certain circles are considered to be the best in the world. We take a look at one of their latest creations – the Voyager Pro.

At first glance, the Voyager Pro doesn’t seem like much to look at, however the power features packed therein more than make up for what it lacks aesthetically. This is definitely a case of Plantronics choosing form over function (although the headset does have a certain “industrial” appeal to it). The large boom mic, for instance, provides astounding audio results, and the form factor, which some might see as large and bulky, provides long battery life and exceptional durability.

The headset is quite comfortable to wear, despite its 0.6 ounce weight, and even for someone like me who wears glasses all day long, I did not find myself tempted to remove the headset for discomfort in any way. The minimalist hardware controls are easy to operate, and all functions can easily be used without torquing your ear in a strange manner or cramping your fingers.

The battery life on the headset also proved to be rather impressive. In practical usage in which I utilized the headset for listening to some music, watching occasional YouTube videos, and of course taking my usual calls, I found that the 6-hour-rated battery life really lasted me all day without worry. I tested this headset for a number of days (charging it each night) without having to plug it in before the work was through. If I did, though, it wouldn’t have been that significant, as it only takes 90 minutes max to charge.

In my experience, this headset provided a rather impressive range. Using it on three different handsets (a BlackBerry Torch, a Nexus S, and of course the iPhone 4), I found it to have an average plain air range of about 25 feet, and a range f about 15-18 feet with the phone firmly in my pocket.

Perhaps the most exceptional and outstanding feature of this headset, however, it it’s incredible audio quality. I tested this in a number of environment – a crowded train, a grocery store, and a busy street – and found that I could hear my callers clearly in all these environments. Additionally, when I questioned my callers about the call’s quality, the report was unanimous: My voice came through clean, clear, and un-muddled, and I didn’t sound like a robot, or like I was in a tunnel. The noise isolation on this headset is exceptionally impressive.

The Plantronics Voyager Pro might be the best overall bluetooth headset I have ever used, being comfortable, having exceptional voice quality, and a battery that doesn’t keep me tied to a charger during the day. For it’s numerous merits, and with it’s faults being only aesthetic (again, being a matter of taste), I award the Plantronics Voyager Pro a rare 5 out of 5. To learn more or to purchase the Voyager Pro directly from Plantronics ($99.99), please visit their product page on the web.