How Notifications on iPhone Should Work

Posted in iOS on 29/04/2011 by Jakob Hultman


I love notifications. One of the greatest feature Apple have brought to iOS. But have you ever left your iPhone somewhere just to come back to it a few hours later with a million notifications to close down? Yeah, I know the feeling. The way notifications work now makes it really difficult to keep track old notifications. Andreas Hellqvist came up with an idea of how notifications should work on iPhone.

Maybe Apple will change the way notifications work and are displayed in iOS 5. If so, hopefully into something similar to what the video above shows.

Read more on Andreas blog.

Andreas seems to have already answered some of the potential questions coming up when reading about this concept. Head over to his Q&A to read more!


  • TBD

    *Crosses fingers*

  • I think MobileNotifier does a pretty good job, one app that handles notifications would be nice though.

  • Patben

    Pretty sure this is my favorite concept

  • notifications_concept_lover

    link this to apple! i want it!

  • Aaron Lynch 5

    That looks great. It’s elegant and Apple-like. It should be sent to them and Andreas Hellqvist should be rewarded for it. 😛

  • Guast

    I think it looks great, except for the notifications-app. I think that’s unnecessary.

  • Yajooconj

    looks just like if apple themselves did the concept…i like.

  • OMG… please send this to apple. Amazing.

  • Jonny_woodhead

    BRILLIANT IDEA! We can only pray Apple sees this! Homescreen ‘slide to view’ is a work of true genius!

  • Anonymous


  • Incredible!

  • 3nrique 0


  • It wouldn’t be a notification if everything was in an app. If you forgot to check ur notifications app…you won’t be feeling so “notified”

  • I like the lock screen thing…but the app idea is a fail. It should be in the preference pane and not available as a physical app. And if your so into the app anyway. Just…make…it. Buy the SDK for iOS and get to it.

  • Wow, only if someone had thought of this before, like the already built-in Universal Inbox on Android, and its swipe-down notification bar.


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