New iPhone Tested For T-Mobile USA

New iPhone Tested For T-Mobile USA

Photos coming from BGR proves (if they are real) that a prototype of a possible white iPhone 4S has been used for testing T-Mobile GSM 3G bands in USA.

The reports are telling us that the internal model is N94, compared to the Verizon model, N92, and the standard GSM model which is N90. The iPhone is running a test version of iOS with several apps such as “Radar” and Apple’s directory app, that are most likely used for internal testing.

The design of the iPhone looks very much alike the white iPhone 4, apart from the proximity sensor which has changed on the retail version.

It could just be that Apple are testing the T-Mobile radio with the iPhone 4’s hardware, although it seems like the prototype is of the exact model that has been found using the new A5 processor chip (S5L8904). This combined with the unlikeliness of Apple releasing an iPhone 4 with T-Mobile at this time of the year gives us belief that maybe this is an iPhone 4S. Similar design, faster processor and other tweaks on the inside, rather than the outside. Another possibility is that this actually is the iPhone 5, disguised in an iPhone 4 shell – although that seems unlikely.

Only time, more rumors and blurry pictures will tell us what this is and when we all can get our hands on it.

[Via BGR]

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