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Apple To Introduce New MacBook Airs/Mac Minis Alongside OS X Lion

Apple To Introduce New MacBook Airs/Mac Minis Alongside OS X Lion

In the market for one of the upcoming Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge-powered MacBook Airs? You just might be in luck. We’ve been hearing that the reason for the delay in MacBook Air and Mac Mini refreshes is due to Apple planning to release the updates alongside Lion next month.

Apple is apparently so excited about the advantages, features, and new and improved aspects of Lion that they don’t want to release any of their fancy new hardware without inviting Lion to the party, according to a report from AppleInsider.

The new Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge enabled MacBook Airs, which presumably went into production this month, have apparently been ready and waiting for some while, with management unwilling to unleash them on the masses until Lion hits the crowds next month. The machines will likely be imaged with Lion at a warehouse shortly before being sent out to Apple stores.

The “hold out” strategy reportedly extends out to new Thunderbolt Mac Mini models and a new Thunderbolt enabled LED Cinema Display as well, and the report draws parallels to the next-gen iPhone, and that it will not be released until iOS 5 is ready to roll out this fall.

While I remain skeptical of the claims about the next iPhone and iOS 5, I remain skeptical, and there is good reason to think that the delay is entirely hardware-related – although Apple has apparently decided to hold out on iOS 5 until the new device is ready.

As for the refreshed Macs, the strategy definitely seems to make sense to me. Lion is a major upgrade, will bring new features (such as iCloud), improve existing features, and run faster, better, and result in more efficient users. Waiting to include OS X Lion with new Macs will only enhance the buying effect of the refresh by providing added value to the situation.

While I have no doubt at all that the report reflects good information, I wonder about the possible impending refresh of the Mac Pro, as well as a new, and possibly iOS and A5 chip powered AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule… I tend to think that if they are on their way, we’ll likely see them at the same time as the other hardware is being refreshed.

I’m excited. If Apple releases new Thunderbolt-enabled cinema displays, It just might be the push I’ve been needing to run out and buy one. What are your thoughts? As always. we encourage and welcome you to sound off in the comments!