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Posted in Apple News, Apps, OS X on 24/06/2011 by Cormac Moylan


If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably already planning out the steps you’re going to take when upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion.

It’s a small list of items that includes deleting all the crap stuff I no longer need (a bit of house cleaning), taking screenshots of the applications folder (just in case I need to do a clean install and I forget which apps I have installed), and backing up everything to my external HD.

Then it’s a simple case of hoping the upgrade process from Leopard to Lion through the Mac App Store is a painless and successful one.

There is one little issue though – application compatibility. What if my favorite apps OS X apps don’t work properly in Lion?

That’s where comes into play. Roaring Apps is an app directory that lists applications that are compatible with Lion, have some minor issues, and don’t work at all.

Simply search for your favorite and most used apps and wiki-style pages return with information about any possible issues with Lion compatibility. You can also browse their app compatibility table directory to discover new applications.


Cormac Moylan

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