Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5s For September Launch

Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5s For September Launch

We’ve heard rumors of a September iPhone 5 launch before, but this time the rumor is paired with a claim that Apple has actually ordered 15 million iPhone 5 units for release in September.

The report comes to us from Digitimes, and suggests that Taiwan-based Apple contractor Pegatron has received an order for 15 million iPhone 5 orders. Pegatron is the same manufacturer that currently builds the CDMA iPhone 4. According the the report, these devices are expected to ship in September, and will not be a major upgrade.

The report also claims that additional employees had to be brought on at the factory in order to handle the increased production load – a likely story, as the order is more substantial than most orders that the factory receives.

The new model has reportedly reached the final state of testing, and is expected to feature the same dual-core A5 processor found in the iPad 2, and 8MP camera, and a design very similar to that of the iPhone 4. Additionally, the iPhone 5 is expected to be a “world phone” capable of supporting both CDMA and GSM-based cell networks.

September really is a reasonable expectation for the iPhone 5 release – Apple holds an event each September regardless to address and update their iPod line, so it would be a natural time to release the iPhone 5.