Rumor: iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Both Coming In October

Posted in Apple News, iPad, iPhone on 01/07/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


Its been anything but a quiet notion that Apple is expected to reveal a next-gen iPhone in the fall, with most rumors suggesting a release in September. A new report, however, indicates that the release will come in October – and include the iPad 3!

While it wouldn’t be surprising to see the iPhone 5 come in October, I have serious doubts about the iPad 3 – Many people that want one still haven’t yet been able to get their hands on an iPad 2!

The report cites information from Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan, and also indicate that Apple is only planning to release a single model of the iPhone 5 – another idea I find extremely doubtful, as offering multiple capacities and the choice between black and white would result in multiple models.

All in all, I don’t give much credit to this report – it seems like just another ill-informed move set in place by someone who wanted attention and/or publicity.

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  • Isn’t it too soon for ipad2? 

  • Ianmc23

    Most random report I’ve ever read about iPhone 5.. iPad 3 and one iPhone 5!!! Not a hope

  • Ianmc23

    Most random report I’ve ever read about iPhone 5.. iPad 3 and one iPhone 5!!! Not a hope

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t give much credit to” it because some wanted attention or publicity. Then why publish it, especially with that attention grabbing headline? Sounds like someone else who wants attention and publicity.

  • I’ll eat my own shoe if iPad 3 reports come to anything before 2012!

  • I think iPad 3 is not possible. But I believe iPad 3’s development should be matured already. The product cycle for ipad 2 is too short for apple to kill but having said that, given pressure on other vendors in the tablet race, they may have no choice to release it.

  • I doubt this report very much… Far too soon for the iPad3 – iPhone 5 is now overdue so this could be true…. But with such a iconic phone where and how are they going to launch it? – Cant see them just advertising it on the website.. surly there will be the Apple fanfares or some kind of Keynote conference to launch it… what do you think? Where and how would they go about launching it – is there another big meet somewhere lined up between now and say December?… Makes you think

  • Ryanhodson13

    There’s no way there will be an iPad 3 in the same year as ipad2! It would devalue everyone that has brought one!

  • Why the hell would there be two iPads in one year? Because nobody would buy it, when they already have used their money on the iPad 2. 


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