Apple Did A Deal With Twitter “Because Mark Zuckerberg Is A ****ing A**hole.”

Posted in Apple on 22/08/2011 by Cormac Moylan


Tech nerd Robert Scoble dropped this remark on his Google+ over the weekend..

Fortunately for Twitter they made that Apple deal (I asked someone at Apple why they made that deal and the answer was “because Mark Zuckerberg is a ****ing a**hole.”) Wow, insider politics between these companies is something to behold.

The above statement comes on the back of Scoble claiming that Twitter is really messed up internally and is seeing many of their top assets moving onto fresh pastures due to internal shake ups.

Fortunately, Twitter made the deal with Apple at a good time.

The statement about Zuckerberg’s a**hole tendencies is based on Apple’s failed negotiations with Facebook that would have seen the two giants collaborating on Ping – Apple’s social network thing. The partnership would have seen Facebook Connect used to interact with the iTunes based music network.

Apple will launch iOS 5 this fall with tight Twitter integration, leaving Facebook behind.


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