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Apple Did A Deal With Twitter “Because Mark Zuckerberg Is A ****ing A**hole.”

Apple Did A Deal With Twitter “Because Mark Zuckerberg Is A ****ing A**hole.”

Tech nerd Robert Scoble dropped this remark on his Google+ over the weekend..

Fortunately for Twitter they made that Apple deal (I asked someone at Apple why they made that deal and the answer was “because Mark Zuckerberg is a ****ing a**hole.”) Wow, insider politics between these companies is something to behold.

The above statement comes on the back of Scoble claiming that Twitter is really messed up internally and is seeing many of their top assets moving onto fresh pastures due to internal shake ups.

Fortunately, Twitter made the deal with Apple at a good time.

The statement about Zuckerberg’s a**hole tendencies is based on Apple’s failed negotiations with Facebook that would have seen the two giants collaborating on Ping – Apple’s social network thing. The partnership would have seen Facebook Connect used to interact with the iTunes based music network.

Apple will launch iOS 5 this fall with tight Twitter integration, leaving Facebook behind.

  1. iBlokeV2 says:

    I completely don’t get what anybody see’s in twitter. THE most boring “social network” imaginable!
    I’ve tried multiple times .. But there is just zero apparent appeal… YAWN ..

    1. Oliver Lerno says:

      You’re doing it wrong. I use twitter to learn about events in the world. Twitter should not be used as a tool to tell the world how great the poop you took was great.

    2. Occvlta Lvx says:

      I completely don’t get what anyone sees in a fucking moron idiot retard like you. THE most boring stupid faggot jizzwad the world has ever seen

  2. Anonymous says:

    @iblokev2 Think of twitter as a way to get the news. You only get the news. A personal rss feed if your will. Most of twitter is crap but it is an easy way to follow people. Add a product like flipboard and twitter is really cool

    1. Michael says:

      I find twitter way more useful than Facebook news feeds are great and they have a powerful search tool. I feel eventually people will start to migrate by the masses to twitter.

  3. Prem kumar says:

    Facebooking is waste of time, But not tweeting…

  4. Talal says:

    Facebook is the largest spy machine for the CIA, it has records of all your family members, pictures, videos, education, employment etc … 

    1. Probably true but these monsters can find out all that in a number of ways.  I may as well have an audience for my endless cornucopia of witticisms.

    2. Franky says:

      Yea and they get all you morons to upload that stuff for them….. amazing spy strategy!

  5. Masher says:

    I wouldn’t have found this article if not for twitter 😛 In fact i find twitter useful for finding articles, videos and other url’s

  6. Myvi Foo says:

    i’m looking forward on ios 5, because i like twitter but a lot of people is using facebook. is time for them to learn how to use twitter

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